Room Descriptions

Room availability can be checked and reservations confirmed using our on-line booking system. The indicated room rates are for single occupancy, but additional guests can be accommodated in all rooms.

We have 6 rooms, all en-suite

PEWTER – Standard Double on the Ground Floor with en-suite shower room – King size bed. Room capacity 2

VANILLA – Standard Double on the 1st Floor with en-suite shower room – King size bed. Room capacity 2

EBONY – Luxury Double on the Ground Floor with en-suite bath/shower room – King size bed. Room capacity 2

IVORY – Luxury Double on the 1st Floor with en-suite bath/shower room – King size bed. Room capacity 2

SABLE – Executive suite on the Ground Floor comprising 2 bedrooms together with a Wet Room, modified to accommodate families and wheelchair-bound guests. 1 x King size bed + 2 x single beds. Room capacity 4

THE STUDIO – Executive room on the Ground Floor with en-suite bath/shower room, comprising large family accommodation offering 1 x King size bed and 2 x single beds. Room capacity 4

Room Rates

Room rates are for single-occupancy. Additional occupants are charged per occupant per night at the rate apparent from the booking screen. Rooms are available from 3.00 p.m. on the first day of your reservation and must be vacated by 10.30 a.m. on your day of departure. All prices include use of the communal kitchen, beverages, fruit and sweet biscuits.

Payment is not taken until 2 days prior to a booking. In the event of cancellation, no charge will be made if a booking is cancelled before 8.00 a.m., 2 full days in advance of the booking date. Any cancellation thereafter will result in a single night’s accommodation being charged. Children in cots are accommodated free-of-charge. A portable cot can be made available on request, which does not include the provision of bed linen.

WHOLE HOUSE – Capacity (Group bookings) 16

Arriving / Departing 

A car park at the front of the house can accommodate six well-parked cars. Please park neatly to ensure the vehicles of all guests can be accommodated. The car park is covered by security lighting.

The front door of the property is always locked, but access can easily be obtained by entering a key code that is changed frequently. In advance of your stay, you will have been advised by text message, email or phone call, of the front door code for the duration of your visit. It follows you can then arrive at a time to suit yourself. You will find your room key in the door of your room.

Room keys are intended for guests to use during their stay and the owners recognise there will be occasions when these are accidentally retained following a guest’s stay. If this happens please post the key back to us by first-class post, which we will be pleased to refund.

If we are on the premises when you arrive at Innocence Rooms, we will be pleased to assist with your luggage. However, our presence on site should not be assumed.  Where our assistance is likely to be required, please contact us to make a special arrangement, ahead of your stay.


The owners have ensured most areas of the Ipswich property are suitable for wheelchair users, where modifications can reasonably be made. However, due to the nature of the property’s construction, a number of restrictions remain; these will be highlighted in the property description that follows. This website ( contains photographs and details of our rooms and the services we provide. You can contact us with any unanswered accessibility questions by telephoning +44 7584 310710 or e-mailing

There are six guest suites / bedrooms, each with an en-suite bath / shower or wet room.
The Sable Suite has been adapted to accommodate disabled guests / wheelchair users. However, depending upon the nature of a person’s disability, all the other rooms could be usable. We regret we do not have facilities to prepare documents in Braille.

Public Areas – Internal
The front door entrance has an inset coir mat (1115mm x 1400mm - approx.) leading onto floor tiles. The tiles are extensive, leading to the Kitchen and from there to the Conservatory. This entire area is completely flat except for a short ramp to take account of a slight variation in floor height between the Kitchen and the Conservatory.
There are no doorway steps or obstacles at the entrance to the house or between any of the public areas. However, low profile steps exist between the public areas and each suite.
All bedrooms are carpeted and there are no floor obstacles other than a small wooden lip between adjacent bedrooms or leading from a bedroom to a bath / shower / wet room. In no instance is there anything more than a small change in floor level.
There are nine carpeted steps, with a hand rail to one side, leading from the hallway to the first floor landing, then an additional small step leading into the Vanilla and Ivory guest rooms.
We do not have a lift or ramps available for access to the upper floor.
We do not have any grab rails in the house.
A Public Toilet is not available.

The Guest Kitchen, Dining Areas & Conservatory
A large fully-tiled kitchen can be used for the preparation and consumption of food.
At the top end of the Kitchen is an eating area designed to accommodate both couples and families. However, some guests may prefer to eat in the Conservatory, which is directly off the Kitchen and faces out onto the Garden.
The Conservatory has been designed to offer a relaxation and reading area for guests and is not, therefore, TV-enabled. It is fully-tiled, apart from an inset coir mat (1400mm x 880mm approx.) in the area immediately in front of double doors leading out to the Garden.
There is no wheelchair ramp available at the back door, currently.

Within the Kitchen, guests will find a washing machine, which is available for their use. Collapsible drying rails, an iron and ironing board are available, also.

Bedroom Accommodation
Individual bedroom accommodation comprises:
Ebony – a carpeted ground floor room linked directly to a tiled en-suite bath / shower room. A slightly raised step joins the bedroom to the bathroom. Please note the shower is located within the bath requiring a guest to step into the bath to use the shower.
Sable – a carpeted suite, particularly suited to wheelchair occupants and families, as it comprises a main bedroom, twin bedroom and tiled wet room, all linked by 33” wide doorways. The main bedroom is connected by a doorway to the twin bedroom with a small raised intervening step. An en-suite wet room, with a non-slip floor, leads off the twin bedroom, again with a small intervening raised step. The Wet Room incorporates a low-level shower control and shower seat.
Pewter – a carpeted ground floor room that can be accessed from the Kitchen by way of a small vestibule, with a 90 degree turn into the main bedroom, via a second doorway. The bedroom leads to a tiled shower room, containing a shower, toilet and hand basin. A slightly raised step joins the bedroom to the shower room.
The Studio – a second carpeted family room, which is not suited to wheelchair users as the main area is accessed by two internal steps. A tiled en-suite Bath / Shower Room is located at the top of the two internal steps. Please note the shower is within the bath, requiring a guest to step into the bath to use the shower.
Ivory – is on the 1st floor and is carpeted. The bedroom leads to a tiled en-suite bathroom containing a bath, shower, toilet and hand basin, with a small raised intervening step. Please note the shower is located within the bath requiring a guest to step into the bath to use the shower.
Vanilla – is on the 1st floor and is carpeted. The bedroom leads to a tiled en-suite shower room containing a shower, toilet and hand basin, with a small raised intervening step.

Please note none of the rooms have been fully adapted for disabled use and the Sable Suite has been made as disabled-friendly as possible, there are generally no handrails, grab rails, hoists or emergency pull cords available for use.
Grounds and Gardens - Gardens to the rear of the house in Ipswich are maintained for the benefit of all guests. These can be accessed by way of steps leading from the Conservatory outer door. We ask any guest using this facility to ensure the Conservatory outer doors are properly secured after use, and to call the owners should they experience any difficulty doing so.

Guest Safety - Guest safety is the first concern of the owners and they have taken the following steps to minimise any risk to guests:
An L2 fire alarm system has been installed. This incorporates sensitive smoke detectors in each bedroom, stroboscopic warning lights in each bath / shower room, and heat detectors in public areas, including the Kitchen, Cellar and Utility Room.
Fire Escape sized windows in Ivory and Vanilla, provide an escape route over the flat roof. A break-glass bolt allows a second means of escape from the Sable Suite, via the Wet Room. All intervening doorways to the Conservatory exit door have been widened to 33”.
Fire system activating points have been installed at each main downstairs exit point from the main house.
Emergency lighting has been designed and installed such that it illuminates all escape routes in the event of fire.
An appropriate type fire extinguisher has been installed in the Kitchen, Entrance Hall, Conservatory and at the top of the first flight of stairs.
Additional fire safety devices have been installed in the Kitchen.
The electrical system has been modified to make it highly sensitive to a fault condition.
A First Aid kit has been installed in the Kitchen cupboard above the cooker.
Please note we operate a no smoking policy by law – should this be breached by a guest smoking in a bedroom it is highly likely the fire detection system will be activated.

Emergency Contacts

Details of emergency contacts are listed on a cupboard in the Kitchen. Escape routes from bedrooms are detailed on the back of bedroom doors.

By Telephone: +44 (0) 7584 310710

E-mail Duty Manager:

E-Mail Susie:

E-Mail Stephen:

Or by writing to either of us at:

Innocence Rooms
628 Foxhall Road
Suffolk IP3 8NB